Welcome to the House of Fun!

For the fifth year in a row State Library of Queensland put on the annual Fun Palace event which saw spaces all over the Library host creative workshops and activities for all ages.

Fun Palace is a movement that started in the United Kingdom as a day for organisations and community to come together and create a fantastic day of science, art and technology. In 2019 there were over 390 Fun Palaces, including State Library’s Fun Palace which hosted over 40 different activities and drop-in sessions across State Library's venues, including The Edge, on Saturday 5 October 2019.

In the Knowledge Walk there was the very popular Edison Lunar Rescue workshop for young people and you could print your own T-shirt with The Wishmas Tree motive. In kuril dhagan you could be transported by a virtual time machine and experience sites around Australia and the connection First Nations people had with Country since time immemorial through VR experiences with Virtual Songlines. In The Edge every corner and crevice was filled with creativity, including vinyl sticker making, DIY chainmail, laser cut badges, 3D printed beads, the intergalactic space cubby, Lego block bot battles and much more! You could expose your own Cyanotype in the sun, watch a movie in the Brisbane International Film Festival, hear from speakers making a difference in the world at the Peppermint Teen PepTalk or make a timber box with the Brisbane Tool Library, or join the Reading and Writing party. 

Check out some of the great shots from the event and make sure you come along next year to join in the fun. You can also subscribe to our enews for updates on future events

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