Directory of language revitalisation programs.

Posted on 18 Aug 2014

Claire Bowern sends the following request for information to assist in the compilation of a directory of language revitalisation programs.

Hi everyone,

I'm the regional director for Australia for, a site that lists endangered languages. The people running that site would like to compile a directory of language revitalisation programs, in partnership with the US's Smithsonian Institution. If you would like to have your program listed, could to fill out the following information? I'll collate it and send it on.

Many thanks,



Details required are as follows

Name of program


Alternate names (of language)

ISO 639-3

Type of program - please list all that apply (e.g. language nest; master-apprentice; language camp; language classes (not in immersion school); immersion school; presence in media; bilingual school; mother tongue education, etc.);  Please feel free to add any other types not listed here



State/Province (if applicable)


Other Resources (videos, workshop information, etc)

Phone number


Email address


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory

State Library’s Indigenous Languages Webpages

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