Grandparents have a lifetime of stories to tell

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Sometimes grandparents can feel ‘out of touch’ with the younger generations. With technology advancing at its current rate, it is easy to feel left behind. The good news is, sharing stories with young people in your family is just as important now as ever. 

Sharing stories with children regularly and from a young age has many benefits, from increased literacy to social and emotional skills and wellbeing. Sharing stories from our past has many added benefits too. When we share personal stories, we give children a little window into our history. And through these stories children can get to know family members they never got to meet, hear about what their parents were like when they were little and even what people did for fun before technology! Stories such as these captivate young children and stimulate their imagination. They will be full of questions about ‘the olden days’.  

Sharing stories not only helps us learn about history, but these family tales help create a sense of identity and strengthens the bonds between family members as the younger generation begins to understand more about their ancestors' lives. And if you’ve seen the docuseries, Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, you’ll need no more convincing that meaningful interaction between our youngest and oldest generations has two-way benefits. 

Sharing stories from the past is one of the oldest ways of preserving history. The stories we tell may bring a smile to our face or a tear to our eye, you know which stories are best shared and when. But every story is valuable.  

Some grandparents may find it hard to think of a story to tell. If you have a photo album, get it out. Even a short tale about the outfits people are wearing or where they are, may be more interesting to hear about than you realise! 

And remember, sharing books together is great too. Everyone tells a story differently. So, whether it is an old favourite you read as a child, or a new one off the library shelf, reading books together helps to create a bond and a sense of connection. 

So next time you visit the grandparents, ask them to spin a yarn from the past, share an old photo or share a book together. The joys and benefits are endless. 

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