Books to help children understand natural disasters

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Hard times can happen to anyone and explaining them to little ones can be even harder. Books can be a great way to help them overcome fears or teach them to cope with difficult situations.

You might not have been directly impacted by the bushfires burning through many states of Australia, but your little one may have seen the stark and often scary vision on the television, or may have heard the bushfires and their terrible impact being discussed.

This can cause anxiety and distress within young children as they try and process this information. Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Services have some great free online books and tips for parents and caregivers that focus on natural disasters. Snuggle up together and read Birdie and the Fire, this may be a way of helping them overcome some of their anxiety.

If your little one has been asking questions about the bushfires, it can be difficult to know what and how much to say. When reading the book reassure them and talk about how the emergency services teams and the community are working together to stop the fires and that although it is scary, towns and buildings will be rebuilt as people work together and help each other.

Some other books you might like to try include:

  • Fire by Jackie French
  • The House on the Mountain by Ella Holcombe
  • Finding Home by Sandra Markle
  • Grandpa's Farm: A Summer Day by Alan Robinson

Your local library can suggest more books to help your child cope with other stressful situations or emotions, such as grief, loss and anxiety.


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