Backyard birds count in conversations

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All over Queensland – we have our local feathered friends. They may be stunning rainbow lorikeets, chatty butcher birds or scavenging scrub turkeys.  No matter what you have in your yard or local parks you’ll find small children have a sense of wonder and curiosity of birds, and how they live, move and talk!

Tips to Nurture the Naturalist

Take to your own backyard, a bush walk or the local playground to see what you have on offer to discover with the little people in your life. Borrow a 'What bird is that' type book or download an app so you can identify what you find.  To be part of the bigger picture, sign up to the Aussie Backyard Bird Count This is a perfect activity to share what you ‘co-discover’ when you become more aware of the feathered friends in your neighbourhood.

By taking part, you can help BirdLife Australia to understand more about the birds that live where you do. So, set your eyes to the sky (the trees, the ground or the water) from 18 – 24 October and see how many you can find together.

By asking your child open-ended questions like, “What do you think this bird likes to eat?” or “I wonder what happens to birds when it rains?” you are helping to engage your child in conversation. This helps to build their vocabulary, imagination and understanding of the world around them as well as building memories of adventures with you.

You could even take a field trip together to your local library and check out the wildlife books you can borrow! Remember there are good pictures to talk about in the junior and adult collections.

Here are some picture books about engaging with nature that you can discover together:
  • Hooray for Birds, Lucy Cousins
  • Kookaburras Love to Laugh, Laura and Philip Bunting
  • A Nest is Noisy, Dianna Hutts Aston
  • Big Book of Birds, Yuval Zommer
  • Once I Munched Mango, Samantha Wheeler
  • The Odd Egg, Emily Gravett
  • Is this your Egg? Ella Kris
  • Hotel for Bees, Alison McLennan
  • Koalas Like To… Shae Millward
  • The Bug Collector, Alex G Griffiths

You can find wonder in anything and everything. And one of the best things about wondering with your child is that you get to re-discover the world … through their eyes!

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