School and group tours

State Library of Queensland through its collections, exhibitions and events offers an exciting program of learning opportunities for students, educators, large groups and learners of all ages.

We aim to inspire, challenge and engage all Queenslanders to develop the essential skills and knowledge for lifelong learners in the 21st century.

Browse through the tour and program options below and then book a visit that suits the needs of your learners.

Before you arrive, read Services and information for students and Visit us to ensure you make the most of your time at SLQ.

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Please allow a minimum of two weeks notice for bookings. School and group tours are subject to volunteer guide availability and, whilst every effort is made to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee tour dates and times. SLQ can assist and provide alternatives where possible.

Booking requests

Booking options for schools and groups planning a visit to SLQ.

Art and design

Find out more about art and design related tours available at SLQ.

Current exhibitions

Find out more about SLQ's current exhibitions

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland

Learn more about tours available from kuril dhagun on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

Orientation tours for schools and groups

SLQ provides orientation tours of our spaces and services for students and groups arriving for self-directed independent study.

Study space options

SLQ has a range of areas and options available for independent study – both free and for hire. Some areas can be booked in advance, while other spaces are free to use for all library visitors, as they are available. Find out more about our study areas.

Under 8s

Learn more about SLQ's offer for young students.

Events by type