Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland

The Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Program is a partnership between the Queensland Government (led by State Library of Queensland) and Telstra.

The Programs aim is to encourage more seniors to embrace information technology by the delivery of training through selected public libraries across Queensland. By participating, it is expected that seniors will be assisted to get connected and participate in the online world, with the objective of increasing digital inclusion, helping reduce social isolation, increasing access to government information and services via the internet, and improving awareness and resilience to online fraud and financial abuse.

Many public libraries across Queensland are implementing free training which is relevant to seniors in their respective communities. The training will include courses on use of computers, tablets and smartphones – which promote social connections and facilitate easier access to information which can lead to increased social connection and improved wellbeing. The training will be fun, hands-on, and designed to assist seniors with 'everyday' online tasks relating to shopping, banking, business, communication and recreation.

Telstra partnership

Telstra's partnership with the Queensland Government aims to give older people - particularly those in regional and remote areas of Queensland - the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socialising, accessing important services or conducting personal business.

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland is part of Telstra's Tech Savvy Seniors Program. Visit Telstra's website to find out more about the Tech Savvy Seniors Program.

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Program.

Participating Local Governments

A list of the of the Local Government Library Services and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) who will be delivering Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland training.

Self-Teach Videos

What are you interested in learning more about?

Mobile phones

How to master the basics to better understand simple phones and smart phones. We cover a range of interesting topics from managing your contacts to sending and receiving pictures.

Learn about mobile phones.

Home computers and networks

Guidance when choosing a computer, with helpful tips when shopping for one, along with other information on the different specifications and computer models available.

Learn about home computers and networks.

Social networks, online security and e-book readers

Through Facebook, you will be introduced to social networking, showing you how to have fun and socialise online with family and friends, regardless of where they are in the world. We also provide some suggestions on how to better protect yourself when online, and protect your personal online profile.

Learn about social networks, online security and e-book readers.


You will be introduced to search engines (such as Google) to help you be better connected, have fun, and open a whole new way of interacting with your community and the world.

Learn about the internet.

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