Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland - Telstra Partnership

The Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Program is a partnership between the Queensland Government (led by State Library of Queensland) and Telstra. This partnership is enabling older people, particularly those in regional and remote areas of Queensland the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socialising, accessing important services or conducting personal business.

The Program aims to help seniors to get connected and participate in the online world, with the objective of increasing digital inclusion, helping reduce social isolation, increasing access to government information and services via the internet, and improving awareness and resilience to online fraud and financial abuse.

The 2017-18 Program will continue to encourage more seniors to embrace information technology by offering free training through 30 Local Government library services and Indigenous Knowledge Centres across Queensland. Seniors will be able to participate in diverse training sessions, including how to use a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphones. The training offered is fun, hands-on, and designed to assist seniors with everyday online tasks relating to shopping, banking, business, communication and recreation.

Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Partnership

The 2017 Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland program is a partnership between State Library of Queensland, Telstra, Department of Communities, and participating Queensland public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

Telstra is committed to ensuring that everyone can benefit from being online and connected to the digital world and they partner with Government to deliver Tech Savvy Seniors training in Queensland, New South Wales,  Victoria and South Australia.

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland is part of Telstra's Tech Savvy Seniors Program. Visit Telstra's website to find out more about the Tech Savvy Seniors Program.

Participating Local Governments

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