Born Digital 2016

Since the first public website was published 25 years ago, there has been an explosion of digital content – from supercomputers exploring the universe, to Facebook posts with friends. In a world where so much of our lives is captured online, how do we make sense of all that information and make sure it isn't lost to future generations?

Born Digital 2016 explored the questions around collecting and preserving digital content through a series of fascinating online interviews with expert speakers. Join us for discussion and debate as we examine the technical, social and philosophical questions of our digital lives.

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Further information

National, State and Territory libraries across Australia and New Zealand have been collecting and preserving born digital content since the early nineties. Between them these libraries already hold nearly 5 petabytes of digital content. This equates to nearly 4 billion discs at 1.44Mb each.

State Library of Queensland has been keeping pace collecting and preserving digital content so that these collections are accessible to future generations.

Resources for digital collecting and preservation

Participating libraries