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Transforming Tindale exhibitionTransforming Tindale

Unheard stories are given a voice in this powerful exhibition of scientific photographs and contemporary artworks, exploring the legacy of Norman Tindale's 1938 anthropological expedition to Aboriginal communities. Artist Vernon Ah Kee has drawn inspiration from photographs of his family in the Tindale Genealogical Collection to produce poignant works capturing the personalities behind the scientific images. Tindale’s photographs are presented in two beautifully bound books alongside digitised images of Vernon Ah Kee’s artworks that are woven within the digital stories as part of the travelling exhibition.

Transforming Tindale is a thought-provoking journey into the Tindale collection, what it means to Aboriginal people and its place in Queensland's history.

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Tour dates


Arana Hills Library  28 January - 20 February
Logan Central Library  1 - 26 March
Chinchilla Library 14 - 28 May
Miles Library 4 - 18 Jun
Wandoan Library 24 Jun - 8 Jul
Meandarra Library 15 - 29 Jul
Moonie Rural Transaction Centre 5 - 19 Aug
Tara Library 26 Aug - 9 Sep
Jandowae Library 16 Sep - 1 Oct
Dalby Library 7 - 26 Oct
Injune Library 8 - 24 Nov
Mitchell Library 29 Nov - 15 Dec
Roma Library 17 Dec - 13 Jan 2017


Surat Library 17 Jan - 2 Feb

Floodlines: a living memoryFloodlines: a living memory

Floodlines: a living memory celebrates the resilience of communities, responding to the significant events of the summer of 2010-11.

Queenslanders – through film, sound, ideas and photos in the Flood and Cyclone Mosaic of community-contributed photos – help tell the rich and complex story of a summer we will never forget.

Using augmented reality technology, the Floodlines app allows you to simulate the devastation to areas around Queensland that were affected by the significant weather events of the summer of 2010-2011.

Please note

Some visitors may find content in this exhibition distressing. We have worked with Department of Health and Department of Communities for advice and to provide support material for this exhibition.

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Tour dates


Gladstone Library  8 March - 10 April
Bundaberg Library  20 April - 21 May
Toowoomba Library  2 June - 2 July

Image: Never in our Lifetime, Lockyer Valley, 27 Jan 2011, Loren Jarvis. From Flood and Cyclone Mosaic

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