Travelling exhibitions

A number of State Library's major exhibitions went 'on tour' to various regional centres around Queensland in the years up until early 2017.

Transforming Tindale exhibitionTransforming Tindale

Unheard stories were given a voice in this powerful exhibition of scientific photographs and contemporary artworks, exploring the legacy of Norman Tindale's 1938 anthropological expedition to Aboriginal communities. Artist Vernon Ah Kee has drawn inspiration from photographs of his family in the Tindale Genealogical Collection to produce poignant works capturing the personalities behind the scientific images. Tindale’s photographs are presented in two beautifully bound books alongside digitised images of Vernon Ah Kee’s artworks that are woven within the digital stories as part of the travelling exhibition.

Transforming Tindale is a thought-provoking journey into the Tindale collection, what it means to Aboriginal people and its place in Queensland's history.

On tour: 2015 - 2017

Floodlines: a living memoryFloodlines: a living memory

Floodlines: a living memory celebrated the resilience of communities, responding to the significant events of the summer of 2010-11.

Queenslanders – through film, sound, ideas and photos in the Flood and Cyclone Mosaic of community-contributed photos – helped tell the rich and complex story of a summer we will never forget.

Using augmented reality technology, the Floodlines app allowed you to simulate the devastation to areas around Queensland that were affected by the significant weather events of the summer of 2010-2011.

On tour: 2012 - 2016

Image: Never in our Lifetime, Lockyer Valley, 27 Jan 2011, Loren Jarvis. From Flood and Cyclone Mosaic

Elisa Jane Carmichael, 'Seagrass, this could be the beginning of something', (detail) 2013, Wool and FabricsOur Dreaming

Our Dreaming: animating country showcased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as they are retold through animation. Stories create enduring connections from past to present, people to place and to each other, giving us a sense of belonging. This was a chance to be captivated by the beauty and timelessness of Queensland’s stories, developed in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and to discover the history and significance of the series and the contribution it continues to make to cultural storytelling.

On tour: 2014

Panoramic QueenslandPanoramic Queensland

In celebration of Queensland's 150-year history this travelling exhibition captured landscapes and townscapes in full panoramic glory. The panoramic photographs, from the State Library’s John Oxley Library collection, represented the changing face of Queensland, its landscape, people and culture.

It featured original panoramas of Brisbane, and regional views, covering the period from the granting of Statehood through to Expo 88, a pivotal moment in the State’s recent history.

On tour: April 2012-June 2013

Ship to shoreFrom Ship to Shore: excerpts from shipboard diaries 1863 – 1947

It was possible to hear the authors’ individual voices through the diaries selected for this exhibition – among the most intriguing in the State Library’s collection. Four of the diaries describe 19th Century immigration, another was written in the 1890s on board a South Sea Islander labour recruitment ship for Queensland’s sugar industry, and one is from a post-World War II immigration voyage. Through the pages of these notebooks and journals, we are able to follow the lives and activities of men and women of different backgrounds, occupations and classes. We can take a glimpse of life above and below deck from the beginning of the Age of Sail to the influx of post-World War II migrants into Australia.

On tour: 2011 - 2013

Laura: festival in focusLaura: Festival in focus

Laura: festival in focus is a travelling exhibition of photographs from Cape York’s Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival from the State Library of Queensland’s collection.

In 30 years, this biennial event of song, dance, ceremony and performance has become one of Australia’s largest gatherings of Indigenous people.

These stunning images by Sarah Scragg, 2009, and Ron Gale, 1985, provided a rich insight - reflecting on the diversity of Indigenous groups, the strength of culture and the emotion of this significant gathering.

On tour: 2011 - 2013

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