Digital Futures

Please note: Digital Futures Lab Extended until 21 Jan 2018
In conjunction with this year’s Summer Festival: tech + stories + play, Digital Futures Lab was transformed into a space especially for children and families. From the 24 November, there were some new experiences and the inclusion of the Story Lab Arcade in the back half of the gallery. You could learn to pilot a drone, re-mix animations, ride a virtual rollercoaster, or create your own 3D design. From 30 December you could also be able to immerse yourself in virtual worlds created by young people in the December Story Lab workshops. The Summer Festival program is bigger than ever before and it’s not just for children, there is something for everyone. Keep an eye out for the full program coming soon!
The Digital Futures Lab was open daily 10am-5pm from now until 21 Jan 2018. The full Summer Festival program ran from 18 Dec 2017 to 21 Jan 2018.

Digital Futures at SLQ Each year State Library of Queensland presents a theme of interest to the Queensland community. Throughout 2017, we invited you to join us in exploring Digital Futures.

Technology has given us new tools through which to question, understand, imagine, re-imagine and improve the world in which we live. Not only is technology substantially changing our economy but also our leisure activities, our political processes, and how we communicate with each other. Digital literacy has opened up new frontiers for collaboration, connection, and sharing.  We are witnessing a change in the nature of work, people are living longer and healthier lives, and new kinds of activism and internationalism are emerging.

As we venture deeper into the digital age and amass huge amounts of data, the implications to our freedoms, rights, privacy, security and responsibilities and how we respect, protect and connect with each other must be considered. Who will own the digital future? What values will we strive to maintain?

Throughout 2017, we've been exploring virtual worlds and all things futurism as part of our Digital Futures theme. The fun continues with more talks, special events, learning programs and a reboot of our ever-popular interactive exhibition, Digital Futures Lab.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the digital future with us onsite, online, or by joining the conversation on social media using #digitalfutures.

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