CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade

An Object: Australian Design Centre National Touring Program

This free exhibition has now closed 

  • 1 Nov 2014 – 14 Feb 2015
  • Open daily 10am – 5pm
  • SLQ Gallery, level 2 & Infozone, level 1
  • Please note the closing date has been extended from 8 Feb to 14 Feb.

CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade from Object: Australian Design Centre on Vimeo.

Journey into the innovative world of design thinking

CUSP features the work of 12 visionary designers, each developing creative solutions to some of the big challenges we are facing today and into the next decade. Working on the ‘cusp’, at the edges of what is possible, they’re exploring new and innovative territory in their practice.

From furniture and gadgets to clothing and housing, design can improve how we look, move, work and feel. It has increasingly become clear that design can transcend mere ‘form or function’. When staring down the barrel of unprecedented planetary challenges, design’s true potential is revealed: it can show us a better future. 

Removing the stigma of personal medical devices to turn them into covetable objects, designing programs that help sick children deal with pain, and ideas for solving the global housing crisis are all challenges addressed by designers in CUSP

Explore the work of Chris Bosse, an architect who designs sustainable buildings and future cities by creating architectural technologies inspired by structures in nature such as soap bubbles, snowflakes and spider webs. Test your strength and stamina at Floyd Mueller’s Hanging Off a Bar installation, which takes the computer game into a whole new realm, creating fun, physical experiences that may well be the future of exercise. And connect yourself to George Khut’s body-focused artwork which becomes animated with colourful visuals and relaxing sounds as you consciously calm your body and mind. 

An exhibition, a laboratory and an opportunity for learning and experiencing new ideas, CUSP takes us way beyond what we believe is possible when we think of design today.

CUSP thinker/tinker space

Can we think bigger, more imaginatively, and more creatively about sustainability? Could epic ecological machines be the answer?  

Put on your thinking cap at the dedicated thinker/tinker space, specially created for designers both big and small.

Be inspired by Stephen Mushin — industrial designer, engineer, puppeteer, storyteller and adventurer — as you ponder ways to solve real-world problems such as sustainability using your creativity. Think creatively and imaginatively about sustainability to come up with epic, fantastical ecological machines.

The designers

Read more about the designers on the official CUSP website.

  • Leah Heiss - Can design humanise medical technologies?
  • Chris Bosse - Can cities be organisms that respond and adapt to their environment?
  • Healthabitat - Can design help prevent people from getting sick?
  • Mari Velonaki - What is intelligence, and how can it be passed on?
  • MaterialByProduct - Can clothing accumulate experience and memories over time?
  • Greg More - How can data help us make sense of our complex world?
  • George Khut - Can interactive art and design reduce the pain and anxiety experienced by children undergoing painful medical procedures?
  • Stephen Mushin - Can we think bigger, more imaginatively, and more creatively about sustainability? Could epic ecological machines be the answer?
  • Alison Page - What is Australian style and how does Aboriginality fit within our design identity?
  • Anupama Kundoo - How can we create a common standard for ‘sustainable’ architecture that works for both rich and poor?
  • Super Critical Mass - Can design change the way we listen? Can listening change the way we design?
  • Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller - How can design harness the power of play? 

More information and resources

  • Visit the official CUSP website for an in depth exploration of the ideas, artists and stories behind CUSP.
  • Download the education kit, developed for secondary students studying a variety of subjects including Design and Technology, Visual Design, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts, Society and Culture, Engineering Science, and Geography.
  • Keep an eye on the APDL blog for weekly articles on each of the featured artists.
  • Check out the APDL Design Online and Design Minds website for related stories, events and learning material.

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