Transforming publishing — issues around policy, funding and publishers

Grattan Institute 2016–2017 State of Affairs lecture series

This event is now in the past.

Join Dr Frances Pinter for a discussion about some of the latest trends in publishing, including the development of transformative new business models that can help publishers and authors adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

The digital world is creating many new ways for the dissemination of publications to be ‘free to the end user’ while still respecting copyright and ensuring proper remuneration for creators and those engaged in the publishing process. The obstacles are neither technology nor shortage of business models, but rather practical ways of transforming existing policies and practices.

This discussion, moderated by Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane, addresses the big challenges of publishing for the future of publishing, focusing largely but not exclusively on academic publishing and the opportunities around open access.

Dr Pinter will be drawing on the newly published study that she co-authored that surveyed policies, funding and publishers in eight European countries as well as work carried out on usage and impact of OA books by KU Research.

About Frances Pinter

Frances Pinter was the first woman to establish her own publishing company in the UK. In the years that followed, she became a major force in the evolution of academic publishing. She founded Knowledge Unlatched in 2012 (with support from QUT and other Australian institutions). Knowledge Unlatched devises and implements new business models for scholarly books that facilitate sustainable publishing on open access licenses.

This event is presented by SLQ and QUT.

Thu 23 Nov 2017, 2:00 pm - 03:00 pm
SLQ Auditorium 1, level 2
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