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Everything has a life cycle. The life cycle of a star can stretch for billions of years, and the life cycle of a fruit fly can be just a few hours. How do you make your business be closer to a star than a fruit fly? Why do some companies grow rapidly, and are very successful in the short term, yet somehow not last in the long term? How do you predict the future success of your company or organisation?

Don McKenzie will present an organisational life cycle model that will allow you to predict your future success today, and most importantly, predict problems you face in the future, allowing you to proactively deal with them now. Companies that survive in the long term achieve two main outcomes: they are able to identify and resolve problems rapidly, and they are able to identify and capitalise on opportunities faster than their competitors.

This presentation will demonstrate the first steps in how you go about becoming a long-term sustainable business.

In preparation for this workshop, Don would like you to think about the problems and opportunities you currently face. Bring a list of these problems and opportunities with you, and learn how you can solve the problems and capitalise on the opportunities faster, so you can become a long term sustainable business.

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Wed 25 Oct 2017, 12:30 pm - 01:15 pm
Business Studio, level 1, State Library
More information:
(07) 3842 9983  

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