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Personal Kanban — how do I prioritise and manage my time?

I've got an idea: now how do I execute my plan using techniques like Personal Kanban to manage and prioritise my time?

Personal Kanban has just two rules: visualise your work, and limit your work in progress. This sounds simple, and it is. There are many benefits to using Personal Kanban because it is such a flexible tool. If you are struggling to manage the amount of work in your plan, or to get through your to do’ lists, or wondering why some tasks linger for longer than they should, come along to this session to hear James McMenamin talk you through:

  • A clear method for managing and prioritising your plan
  • Understand why there are only two rules of Personal Kanban
  • Understand how visualising your work can help you better articulate your tasks
  • Learn how limiting your work in progress can help you to get more tasks finished
  • Learn from James' and others' experiences putting Personal Kanban into practice.

James is a Senior Consultant at Elabor8, a consulting firm which specialises in helping companies and individuals learn how to be forward thinking and adaptive. He has over ten years' experience working with teams and individuals to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

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Wed 15 Mar 2017, 12:30 pm - 01:15 pm
Business Studio, level 1, State Library
More information:
(07) 3842 9983  

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