Game On: the elements of gaming

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This event is now in the past.

Learn about the art and craft of game making when brIGDA and QUT Creative Precinct’s bring their popular Game On series to SLQ.

You might even see some of your work incorporated into a game available to play in the Garage Gamer gallery. Come to one session or join them all.

2 Mar: Games and Game Design
Where do game designers start when they design a game? What is so special about designing a game for someone else to play and why don’t classic books make good games easily? This session looks at the shape of games we play and offers you an opportunity to try out some design techniques for yourselves.

9 Mar: Writing stories for games
Explore the way a story can be turned into an interactive game script. Stories are created for someone to read (or watch) and game plots are created for a player to actively explore. What difference does this make to story writing? This workshop offers you the chance to create an interactive story and the opportunity to see how game stories and plot mechanics actually work.

16 Mar: Art and Characters for Games
How does a game character artist design a character that expresses personality and in-game potential? Game characters have to look good but they also need to be able to do something so that the player can play them! How does a cute little hedgehog become a famous speedy icon? Because hedgehogs can roll up into balls and balls can move quickly! We invite you to a session on basic character design and character potential.

23 Mar: Games and Audio
When we make games, we carefully exploit the emotional aspects of audio, from those small sounds in the dark to rousing rhythms of success when a player achieves something in the game. This workshop offers you the opportunity to explore the powerful nature of game music and audio.

This event is part of SLQ’s Garage Gamer program - unleash your passion for play in our games gallery or at workshops, talks, films and more. Check out the full program of events.

Presented by brIGDA and QUT’s Precinct’s Game On Program.

2nd Mar 2013 12:00pm-3:00pm
Every week on Saturday, until 23rd Mar 2013
SLQ Gallery, level 2, State Library, Stanley Place, South Bank
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