Tag Australian South Sea Islander Photos in Flickr

ASSI Tagging Workshop

This event is now in the past.

Learn how to tag photos in Flickr relating to Australian South Sea Islander history. Contribute your knowledge and stories, help solve historical mysteries, and pursue your own research interests starting with a collection of culturally significant photographs.

Australian South Sea Islanders have a special place in Queensland's cultural diversity and history. They are the descendants of South Sea Islanders brought to Queensland from 1863 to 1904 from 80 Melanesian islands to work the state's cotton and sugar plantations. Over 300 historical photographs relating to Australian South Sea Islanders have recently been digitised and uploaded to the SLQ online catalogue. These photographs need tags and more details added. We’ve put 50 on Flickr to get you started.

Learn more about tagging images in SLQ's collections and becoming a digital volunteer with our Pitch In! project.

To mark the contribution of Australian South Sea Islanders to Queensland over the past 150 years, SLQ, QM and QAGOMA will present a range of exhibitions, projects, and events from June to November 2013.


Wed 21 Aug 2013, 2:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Bank of Queensland Heritage Collections Learning Room, level 4, State Library
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