Fun Palace

Fun Palace

This event is now in the past.

Entertain your love of art and science at Fun Palace, where everyone is an artist and everyone is a scientist. For one day only, SLQ will be transformed into a dedicated wonderland of scientific enquiry and creativity as art and science collide. Adventurers from across the community will share their skills and inspire your creativity at this free, family fun day. Mix with the likes of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Engibear, and hang out for a seriously fun show from Street Science.

Join in the fun:

  • Paint, dance and build with robots
  • Play a banana piano
  • Discover 13 Ways to start a fire
  • Create beautiful prints using the sun
  • Learn Indigenous language and culture playing Jenga
  • Build your first computer game
  • Become a newsreader for Channel 7
  • Create stories with artists and designers from Kindergo
  • Explore the forces of physics with Engibear
  • Play a game of giant scrabble

Interested? Don’t miss a thing! Join us on the Facebook event page for more details in the lead up to the event.

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Event program

Scheduled activities

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki LIVE
SLQ Auditorium 1, level 2
All ages
Dr Karl will talk about how kids are smarter than their parents, why we are living in the most peaceful time in human history, and why it is safer for a cat to fall from 32 storeys than from eight storeys (don’t do this at home, folks).

Book signing with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Come along and get your favourite Dr Karl book signed! A selection of titles will be available to purchase at the Library Shop.

Digital Futures tour with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
SLQ Gallery, level 2
All ages
Part laboratory, studio, game space and exhibition, the Lab offers provocations and experiences for visitors of all ages. Join Dr Karl as he tours the Digital Futures Lab with SLQ staff.

Sweet Science sherbet making
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Junior scientists mix together common pantry ingredients to make a seriously sweet science experiment that they can eat. Learn about acid/base reactions for a cool introduction to chemistry.

Street Science with Steve
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Experience mind-blowing explosive demonstrations based around science in everyday life. Don’t miss this one-off show, only at 2pm in the Knowledge Walk.

Tech Girls are Superheroes
9.45am, 10.45am, 12noon, 1pm (45 min sessions)
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 8+
Brainstorm app ideas with young producers and learn how they are creating innovative solutions to local problems in their community. Our Tech Girls will also be displaying the app they built in this year’s program.

Build your first computer game
10am, 11.30am, 12.30pm (60 min workshops)
Computer Training Room, level 1
Ages 8–14
Build your first computer game, create your own imaginary world and characters, learn how to code and write algorithms, and then get your parents and friends to play. No experience required. Computers will be provided.

13 ways to make a fire
10am, 11am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm (45 min workshops)
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 16+ (ages 12–16 if accompanied by adult)
When stone tool-making taught us about friction, and twine-making provided a way to harness this effect, humans began to make fire. There are at least half-a-dozen variations on rubbing sticks together to make a fire and you’ll have the opportunity to test your skills without the help of modern-day tools.

All Day Drop-In Activities

Learn about water cycles
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Seqwater will facilitate some fun and interesting ways for the young and young-at-heart to gain a better understanding of how water catchments work. Make your own water cycle bag, learn a water cycle rap and refill your drink bottle at the water stations!

Channel 7 news desk
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Channel 7 invites you to take a seat at the 7 news desk. Become the presenter at our pop up news set!

Spinning Gears robot games
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 6+
Roll-up and spin the robot carnival wheel to experience the wonderment of techno mini games including Sphero Art, Dancing EZ Robots, Skoog Jam Session, Build-a-Hovercraft, Ozobot Drag Racing and more.

Playing a Makey Makey banana piano
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Join Tinkering Child to turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. When you touch the banana, you make a connection and can play a piano! Artists, kids, educators, engineers, designers, inventors, makers...really, it is for everyone!

Lab of Awesome
Edge Auditorium, level 1
All ages
Join the University of the Sunshine Coast for interactive activities with the latest in tech gizmos and gadgets identified with future careers, including augmented reality, virtual reality and AI robots.

Engibear with Andrew King
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 7+
Build a fidget spinner using the power of magnets. Meet Engibear, Engilina and Bearbot and join in this STEAM activity.

Kindergo Island experience
The Corner, Knowledge Walk, The Parlour, level 1 &
Digital Futures Lab, SLQ Gallery, level 2
Ages 2–7
Welcome to Kindergo, an immersive digital platform full of books to keep children engaged, active and learning. Download the app on your iPad and discover Play, Fable, Dream and Hi Tech Heroes Island. The islands have been brought to life for SLQ Fun Palace so the beginner reader can adventure, create, interact and explore across four fun locations!

Little Designers
Infozone, level 1
Ages 7+
Join us for a playful look at design, as we make and create urban landscapes. Activities will be facilitated by Asia Pacific Design Library staff.

Cyanotype printing workshop
30 min workshops
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 5+
Learn how to make your own sun prints with SLQ conservation staff. Participants will use botanical specimens, lace and other common objects to create a unique photogram on light sensitive paper. The workshop methods will be similar to those used by photographers from the mid-19th century. Suitable for ages 5 and over, big kids are welcome too!

We void warranties: DIY laptop repair
30 min sessions
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 12+
Expert tech volunteers will guide participants in getting under the hood of a typical laptop. Learn how to change a battery and replace a hard drive, ask questions, and practise key skills to help you save money and maintain your own laptop. Tools and laptops provided. Laptop screens will not be replaced.

Life-size Scrabble
Infozone, level 1
All ages
What’s your best score? Put your brain to the test and play a game of giant Scrabble in the Infozone.

Message Stack
Knowledge Walk, level 1
All ages
Say ‘g’day’ in Indigenous languages from all around Queensland with a game of Message Stack. Message Stack is a Jenga-style game that encourages audiences to learn Indigenous words and phrases.

Picture it, post it
30 min sessions
Meeting Room 1A, level 1
Ages 7+
Create your own digital mashup to send to your letterbox with collage artist Rachael Bartram. Use HP Sprout and digital imagery from postcards sent home by real Queensland Anzacs during the First World War!

Griffith Film School
30 min sessions
Knowledge Walk, level 1
Ages 8+
Create, shoot and star in VR to make live-action clips. Get behind the lens of a Griffith University 360 camera in this quick demo session.

Digital Futures Lab
Opens 10am–5pm
SLQ Gallery, level 2
All ages
The Digital Futures Lab is an interactive experience which is part studio, part game space, part exhibition. Discover future fashion and wearable technology, learn how to pilot a drone simulator and explore what the future holds.

Please note places are limited for some activities and events. Please drop by your selected activity to find out more information.

PARENTS AND CARERS: It is expected that parents and carers are hands-on in all events and workshops

SLQ is proud to be a Fun Palace Maker in Fun Palaces happening around the world.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.

Sat 7 Oct 2017, 9:30 am - 02:30 pm
Meet at Reception, level 1, State Library
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