Living in Aged Care: a photographic exhibition of laughter, loss and leisure

Living in Aged Care

This event is now in the past.

The ‘Inside Age Care’ project, led by QUT researchers, aims to give greater visibility and voice to older Australians by asking 20 Queensland residents to share their experiences of life in one retirement and residential aged care community — BallyCara, in Brisbane.

This exhibition, shares residents’ photographs and poems in addition to images taken by staff, the research team and documentary photographer, Tricia King. The diverse range of images, and residents’ stories, provides rare and intimate insight into the often private world of aged care, offering insight for designers and the general public alike.

In addition to highlighting cherished interactions and activities with friends, family and staff (laughter and leisure), the photographs poignantly capture the changes, challenges and resilience of older age — the increasing awareness of life’s fragility and residents' experience of illness, dying and grief (loss).

While some photographs capture the more challenging aspects of ageing and living in a communal environment, the overarching narrative is one of positivity and provides an inventory of what makes life meaningful and enjoyable for older Australians living in an aged care environment.

23rd Jan 2017
Every day, until 28th Feb 2017
Asia Pacific Design Library, level 2, State Library, Stanley Place, South Bank
More information:
Asia Pacific Design Library
Mon to Fri 9:00am–5:00pm 3842 9477

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