Calendar of events

28th August 2016

Belonging Mural

Explore photos contributed by the community depicting a sense of connection to places and people in Queensland

Art of the Skins

Awakening South East Queensland historical traditions through contemporary art, Art of the Skins revitalises Aboriginal possum skin cloak making.

Iconic Queenslander pop-up

Step inside a 3D installation of iconic Queensland illustrations from SLQ collections, taken from the historical The Queenslander magazine.

keepsakes of war

Explore unique items from SLQ’s First World War collections, such as souvenirs, medallions and postcards, preserved as tangible reminders of Queensland’s wartime experience.

Tradition Now

Twelve diverse individuals share their stories through objects, photographs, artwork and memories in the Tradition Now exhibition.

Adobe Indesign

Nail perfect layouts for business cards, posters and brochures in this intermediate InDesign course.


Learn how to customise your own site in this advanced WordPress course.

White gloves experience

Join us for a hands-on look at some of State Library’s precious original First World War materials.

Startup Weekend

Over the course of a weekend, the participants and aspiring Indigenous Entrepreneurs will be aided by coaches and mentors to acquire the skills and experience they need to launch a startup business in a condensed and restrictive 54-hour time frame.

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