Calendar of events

17th April 2014

Our Dreaming in the Animation Studio

Jump into the animation studio and experience the process of animation. 

Our Dreaming in SLQ Gallery

Explore an immersive landscape of vibrant animations from Aboriginal Nations Australia’s The Dreaming series. 

Our Dreaming in kuril dhagun

Be inspired by animations from Queensland and beyond.

Our Dreaming in the Infozone

Begin your Our Dreaming journey here.

Tim Jackman

Get ready as Tim Jackman hickory dickory rocks The Corner!

•	Experimenta Speak to Me, 5th International Biennial of Media Art

Experimenta Speak to Me is a digital-media exhibition exploring interconnectivity, communication, technology and what it means, at this time, to be together. 

Hack the evening

The Edge is hosting weekly meet-ups for all those who want to apply your skills to building interactive installations.

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