Calendar of events

24th October 2014

Never in our Lifetime Lockyer Valley, 27 Jan 2011, Loren Jarvis, 27929

A celebration the resilience of Queensland communities responding to the significant weather events of the summer of 2010-11.

Elisa Jane Carmichael, 'Seagrass, this could be the beginning of something', (detail) 2013, Wool and Fabrics

Our Dreaming: animating country showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as they are retold through animation.

Tindale image

A thought-provoking journey into the Tindale collection, what it means to Aboriginal people and its place in Queensland's history

Our Dreaming in the Animation Studio

Jump into the animation studio and experience the process of animation. 

P is for Play!

Come on an alphabetical adventure in The Corner, State Library’s creative play space for children birth through to 8 years. 

Mr & Mrs Trackson in the steam Locomobile, 1902, Author: Unidentified, Image number: APA-003-01-0004

Showcasing unique and rare items from the past 200 years.

Sonja Carmichael, ‘Sea Bowl’, 2013, found finishing nets and ropes

offset explores the collaborative nature of Indigenous artists working within the context of an art centre.

The Music Hour

Enjoy an hour of music in the Poinciana Lounge.

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