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27th January 2015

Never in our Lifetime Lockyer Valley, 27 Jan 2011, Loren Jarvis, 27929

A celebration of the resilience of Queensland communities responding to the significant weather events of the summer of 2010-11.

Summer Reading Club

Dodge danger, outwit your arch nemesis, and journey beyond your wildest imagination with some of your favourite Aussie authors this summer.

Cheryl Creed, Self Portrait (detail), 2014, synthetic polymer on canvas

Discover portraits capturing Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities in fleeting moments in time. 

Thinker tinker

Step inside the CUSP exhibition and put on your thinking cap at the dedicated thinker/tinker space.

CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade

CUSP is a journey into the innovative world of design thinking where design is used to develop creative solutions to the big challenges we face now and in the future. 

Our Dreaming in the Animation Studio

Jump into the animation studio and experience the process of animation. 

Mr & Mrs Trackson in the steam Locomobile, 1902, Author: Unidentified, Image number: APA-003-01-0004

Showcasing unique and rare items from the past 200 years.

The Corner wild things

Uncover a specially prepared space for the most monstrous of imaginations…

Tim Jackman

Get ready as Tim Jackman hickory dickory rocks The Corner!

A Thousand Footprints

Come on a guided tours of the many spaces that make up kuril dhagun.

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