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About the Young Writers Award

The Young Writers Award is a writing competition by State Library of Queensland for young Queensland residents. The Award has been running for over 20 years, and has profiled many young writers who have gone onto achieve literary success. The aim of the program is to encourage and profile emerging Queensland authors. Previously entries had been accepted from writers between the ages of 18 and 25, and in 2015 a new category was added for writers aged 15 – 17.


18-25 Winner Everyone Will Be There by Ellen Wengert
Runner up Red Gum by Chloe Mark

15-17 Winner These Broken Souls of Ours by Helen Yesberg
Runner up Little Firefly by Kiarni Burton


18-25 Winner Every Idea I Had For My Australian Literature Short Story Collection by Jonathan O'Brien
Runner up Mango Chutney by Zarin Nuzhat

15-17 Winner We Cut Strings by Gina Song
Runner up  The Lucky Country by Jesse Hyden


18-25 Winner An Overflow of Dust by Tee Indawongse
Runner up Falls by Chloƫ Reeson

15-17 Winner Oblivion by Anne Chen
Runner up Bitter Melon by Bella Zhong


18-25 Winner Surface  (PDF 229.7 KB) by Grace McCarter
Runner up January Days  (PDF 96.7 KB) by Faith Mudge

15-17 Winner The Washing of Iniquity  (PDF 89.2 KB) by Rosie McCrossin
Runner up Cher Pere  (PDF 160.1 KB) by Clara Harin Lee


Winner Zen Master (PDF 172.0 KB) by Michael Day
Runner up Fish (PDF 160.8 KB) by Lucinda Bopf


Winner Lingerie  (PDF 151.2 KB) by Kahli Scott
Runner up On the Mend  (PDF 198.8 KB) by Nabila Ahmed


Winner Gap  (PDF 81.4 KB) by Rebecca Jessen
Runner up The Minutes Turn to Ours  (PDF 66.3 KB) by Shastra Deo


Winner Freedom Mangoes  (PDF 44.7 KB) by Daniel Foskey
Encouragement Award Rips  (PDF 38.8 KB) by Deanna Antoniolli


Winner The road to the river  (PDF 167.8 KB) by Sarah Boothroyd
Encouragement Award Hobbe's Samoyed Acquisition  (PDF 174.8 KB) by Helen Brake


Winner The lunar coast  (PDF 179.2 KB) by Megan McGrath
Encouragement Award What Sort of Heroine  (PDF 173.9 KB) by Liam O'Brien


Winner The Life of Brian (or lack thereof)  (PDF 141.0 KB) by Maree Spratt
Encouragement Award My Mechanical Heart  (PDF 118.3 KB) by Kathleen Noud


Winner The Broom Closet  (PDF 127.7 KB) by Joel Glazebrook
Encouragement Award Fuel for Loneliness  (PDF 124.1 KB) by Megan McGrath


Winner Thoughts while night travelling  (PDF 133.1 KB) by James Halford
Encouragement Award Simon Says  (PDF 143.6 KB) by Benjamin Law


Winner Nom de guerre  (PDF 121.1 KB) by Christopher Boulton
Encouragement Award A glass jar filled  (PDF 113.2 KB) by Chloe Evans


Winner Adhan  (PDF 134.3 KB) by Talim Arab
Encouragement Award Only Dogs and I  (PDF 133.8 KB) by Christopher Boulton


Winner When I was Rising and Falling in the Sea  (PDF 123.5 KB) by Chris Somerville
Encouragement Award Swallow the Air  (PDF 108.7 KB) by Tara June Winch


Winner Sometimes Scary  (PDF 109.7 KB) by Rachel Rutter
Encouragement Award The Quiet Death of the Day  (PDF 123.8 KB) by Chris Currie


Winner Love  (PDF 100.2 KB) by Alasdair Duncan
Encouragement Award The Mango Tree  (PDF 114.7 KB) by Romy Ash


Winner Motorbike Man  (PDF 118.9 KB) by Rhianna Boyle
Runner Up St Nick  (PDF 134.4 KB) by Luise Hoffmann


Winner Eight Parts of Anka  (PDF 129.3 KB) by Rebekah Scott
Runner Up Deep Waters Seek Order  (PDF 116.9 KB) by Carmen Leigh Keates


Winner The Contemplators  (PDF 122.2 KB) by Christopher John Boulton
Runner Up Grasshoppers  (PDF 130.1 KB) by Maureen Donahoe
From 2001 to 2011 the Maureen Donahoe Encouragement Award was given in memory of the late Maureen Donahoe, a promising young writer who was the first runner up in the Young Writers Award 1998.

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