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2016 winner

John WillsteedJohn Willsteed, Street life: posters and their role  in the Brisbane music scene 1975–1995.

Street Life is a research project designed to enhance the scope of the posters currently in State Library’s collection by adding details around provenance; by encouraging music poster donations to State Library through social media and personal contacts in the music industry; and by contextualising the posters in written form as well as public presentation/exhibition.

Posters in the collection will be researched and information corrected and added. There is much ambiguity in the current descriptions and much missing data.

New donations will be sought through social media and industry contacts. There are many people who may not be aware of the significance of their collections, and some for whom the Cultural Gifts Program may be appropriate.

Posters already contain great varieties of style and content, and lend themselves to being both background to stories and memory triggers for audiences. The images will be at the developmental core of a story about the music scene – about bands and audiences, about Brisbane and the southeast.

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