John Oxley Library Award

As Australia’s leading library of Queensland's documentary heritage, the John Oxley Library plays a vital role in the development and communication of Queensland memory.

The John Oxley Library Award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the appreciation of Queensland history. This annual Award is granted to promote the value of historical knowledge and its role in shaping Queenslanders' understanding of themselves and each other. The achievement recognised may relate to any aspect of Queensland's social, political, economic and cultural life; and may take any form, occurring in any context, and extending over any period of time.

Nominations have now closed for the 2016 Award.

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2016 John Oxley Library Award recipient

Kim Wilson, Brisbane Art Deco project and publication, and establishment of the Brisbane Chapter of the Art Deco & Modernism Society.

Kim is currently a PhD student of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) exploring the role of design in sustainable adaptive reuse of built heritage. She is recognised for initiating the Brisbane Art Deco project and her ongoing contribution to the project.

Kim’s achievements include the Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayors Helen Taylor Research Award for Local History in 2014 and managing a diverse team of contributors to produce the publication Brisbane Art Deco: Stories of our Built Heritage launched in June 2015. The content celebrates Brisbane's Art Deco architecture and the interesting social history attached.

In 2015 Kim was awarded the Silver National Trust Queensland Heritage Award for ‘Interpretation and Promotion’ and Brisbane Art Deco: Stories of our Built Heritage was named as one of Avid Reader’s bestselling books in the same year. The result is a Brisbane Art Deco community contributing images and sharing their understanding and knowledge on social media platforms and in particular the Brisbane Art Deco Facebook account. Kim administers the account and has a community of 3000+ followers engaged with the subject.

Kim has established a Brisbane Chapter of the Art Deco & Modernism Society and continues to promote Art Deco and Modernism in Brisbane. Among others New Farm & Districts Historical Society, Brisbane Open House, and Brisbane City Council Libraries have invited Kim to talk with their members and interested community.

The Brisbane Art Deco project is a significant contribution to documenting Queensland’s history and Kim and the community she has established continues to increase our understanding and knowledge of built heritage and the collections of the State Library of Queensland contributing to that collective knowledge.

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