black&write! Editing Internships

The black&write! Editing Internships present an unparalleled opportunity to produce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander editors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writing.

Thanks to Australia Council for the Arts, two Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individuals will be given the opportunity to work as a black&write! Editing Intern at SLQ from January 2015 to December 2016, each receiving a $20,000 stipend per year for the two years.

Congratulations to Grace Lucas-Pennington and Yasmin Smith, who have been selected as the 2015-16 black&write! Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Editing Interns.

We hope to offer future editing internships as part of the black&write! project.

For further information, email or phone 07 3842 9484.

The black&write! Writing and Editing Project has been generously supported by:

Indigenous Onscreen Editing Traineeships

In 2012 and 2013, black&write! offered training in onscreen editing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through the Indigenous Onscreen Trainee Editor program.

Through the program, trainee editors have the opportunity to observe and participate in the manuscript development process for the fellowship manuscripts and learn about editing fiction.

For more information, phone 07 3842 9985 or email

2013 Trainee Editors

2012 Trainee Editors

The Indigenous Onscreen Editor Program is funded by the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts and generously supported by the Queensland University of Technology through the Creative Writing School and the Oodgeroo Unit.

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