Donated by Ron Baum

"I must have my cuppa before I can paint."

This was the universal cry as friends of my wife Glennyce, or rather 'Glen' as she was more well-known, gathered for another morning of porcelain painting. Painting on porcelain was an art that had captured Glen and had absorbed her for over 40 years. An ardent advocate of this art form, she gave generously of her considerable knowledge to those who aspired to master its intricacies. She was not only an accomplished artist herself but also a teacher and an exhibitor.

Glen had exhibited at various events including many years at the Brisbane Ekka – this set is one of her winning exhibits at the 2007 Ekka and is a fine example of her work. Whilst her love affair with porcelain art began in our Singapore days with the "soft look" technique, she embraced other techniques as well. Here in this case, the border treatment is reminiscent of the classic as is the chartreuse colour but there is also the soft look hint in the treatment of the blossoms.

2007 was Glen's most successful Ekka, topped by the award of the Blue Grand Champion Rosette. Sadly, lung cancer claimed her some months later, the day after her seventy-second birthday. I and my daughters like to think that she is still painting away in God's studio.