Primitive Methodist Church

Donated by Royal Historical Society of Queensland

This tea cup and saucer depicts the 1891 Primitive Methodist Church, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

How the cup and saucer came into the possession of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland is unknown.

Whilst researching for clues to its origin, it was found that the Fusions Art Gallery online site made mention of a complete tea set bearing the same decal.

It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the information and help given to us by the people at the gallery. From them we learned that Church commissioned the tea set from the English pottery manufacturer, John Maddock and Sons; the decal was taken from a copper etching and represented the Church at the time of commissioning.

When the Church was deconsecrated, the tea set was left in the care of Fusions Art Gallery; it is thought that the cup and saucer came to the RHSQ at the same time. The reasoning behind this donation is speculative; perhaps it was a way of ensuring that the story of the Church and the tea set would be safely kept.