Aunt Ruby's cup

Donated by Glynne Liddy

All my life I have coveted this cup! It belonged to my Aunty Ruby, my mother's older sister.

In 1932, Mummy (Olga) and Dad got married and went to live in Singapore. Every second year they came home to Brisbane to visit their family, and, of course, they brought gifts and this cup was one of them.

It was so fine and pretty that Ruby never could bring herself to use it, so it was always kept for 'good', standing sadly on the sideboard.

My lusting for it began in the 1940s when Mummy and I came home to Brisbane after Singapore fell; as Dad died in Changi, we never left.

Although Ruby never actually drank tea from her cup, she used it as her 'drink of water cup' on her bedside table at night with, for heaven's sake, the saucer on top, in case an errant moth or something flew into it.

I always wanted that cup and saucer and thought I would use it all the time. I have owned it since 1965 and do you know…I've never used it for a cup of tea either.