Mythical Creatures from the Torres Strait

Create your own mythical creature!

  • Click the buttons on the left to change the different body parts.
  • Choose a paint brush and then click on a part of the creature's body to add colour.
  • Click anywhere on the background to choose a different landscape for your creature.
  • Once you have finished creating your mythical creature, click the 'print' button.

Images used for Mythical Creatures were reproduced from the following resources from the John Oxley Library:
  • Pare, Ambroise. 1582, Opera Ambrosii Parei regis primarii et Parisiensis chirurgi, Parisiis, apud Iacobum Du-Puys.
  • Von Gue´rard, Euge`ne. 1867, Euge`ne von Gue´rard's Australian landscapes, Hamel & Ferguson, Melbourne.
  • Baud, John. c1971, Island. Watercolour, Margaret Lawrie Collection TR1791/336