The Tradition Now exhibition was open 18 Jun 2016–5 Feb 2017, Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery, level 4, State Library, Stanley Place, South Bank

Twelve diverse individuals shared their stories through objects, photographs, artwork and memories. By telling the stories of the traditional custodians of this land and of culturally diverse Queenslanders, Tradition Now explored how many Queenslanders ‘arrive’ to this land, connect to or disconnect from family and tradition, and the subsequent impacts on contemporary family life. Look more closely into themes of dislocation, re-discovery, tradition, journeying, and spirituality. Enjoy the description of times past, intricate storytelling and the development of a new family heritage and tradition.

Belonging (SLQ’s 2016 program of events) explored the sense of belonging in Queensland and the connections we have to our families, communities, special places, and other people in Queensland.

Minh-Ha and Alan's Story | Mu'hooz Founders and Graduates Stories | Ngoc Anh's Story | Ofa Takeifanga's Story | Saba's Abraham Story