2017 Creative Fellow Peter Charuk

Peter CharukPeter Charuk was the final recipient of a Siganto Foundation Fellowship. The John Oxley Library collections proved to be a rich source of material to satisfy Peter’s quest for images and documents relating to climate, weather events and the subsequent impacts on environment. Coincidentally the arrival of Cyclone Debbie in March 2017 was to impact on his progress as noted by Peter when discussing his project:

"The intention of the Fellowship was to research original material in the SLQ archives to generate an artists’ book for the Australian Library of Art Collection. The title of my project is “Collateral Atmospherics: Evidence”; this is a play on the term “collateral damage” a widely used term that the media uses in this era of “post-truth” journalism. As an artist I have been working with ideas of landscape, the environment and its intersection of the natural world since the 1970s, at the time of the “first” petrol crisis in Australia. Cyclone Debbie was entirely unexpected but her coming seems to support my artistic intentions for this research."

Peter’s artists’ book Collateral atmospherics: evidence along with his research and mock ups have been added to the Australian Library of Art collections.

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