2015 Creative Fellow Clyde McGill

Clyde McGillArtist Clyde McGill used his Siganto Foundation fellowship to discover Queensland through ephemeral evidence. His journey found expression in an artist’s book Seven conjectures on looking for place . Clyde’s artist’s statement hints at the research journey as does his performance during the Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book Lecture Series 2016.

"My book records my questions, my conjectures that put their heads up (and that haunt me still) during this project of wondering on the idea of how to find Queensland, which became, I realised, how to find any place, the same hallmarks, identical sounds when I knocked on the outside of it. Many parts of this resonated with searching for self, aspects such as location, general attributes, even 'identity' appeared obvious and accessible to me, though when closely examined, a place (and in my experience, self) drifts and becomes nebulous. So I chased place, uphill and across paddocks, down rivers, through library corridors, rack by rack, reading original owners views (including Eddie Mabo's extraordinary quest to regain place after colonial invasion and land theft), explorers diaries, finding and drinking water from the stream (now an open pipe) as John Oxley, pondered maps though these too are not place, walking and walking, photographing, wondering, looking into space."

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