Sharing stories from Multicultural Communities

State Library of Queensland is committed to collecting resources that reflect Queensland’s diversity. The “Sharing Stories from Multicultural Communities” project sought to increase representation of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in the State Library’s collection.

The “Sharing Stories from Multicultural Communities” project uncovered the heritage of three multicultural festivals by documenting the multicultural communities through photo essays and oral histories. The three festivals included:

  • Australian-Italian Festival
  • The Pacific Unity Festival, Queensland and
  • Africa Day celebrations.

Multicultural festivals reveal more than just the relationship between place and identity. They demonstrate hybrid identities  and global perspectives allowing the showcase of culture, as well as cultural exchange and education.

The photo essays, completed by Sarah Scragg, Reuben Stafford and Dean Saffron and oral histories recorded by Jan Cattoni, Jennifer Barrkman and Hamish Sewell, explore the history and experience of each community and its festival; the engagement of diverse communities and environments; aspects of cultural practices shared with the wider community; and the weaving of the resultant multicultural pathways into the very heart of Queensland.

Sharing Stories from Multicultural Communities was funded through a 'Your Community Heritage Program' grant, from the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Australian Government.
We showcase some of the material recorded about these festivals.