The Hornibrook histories: William Jolly Bridge

Julie Hornibrook is the recipient of the 2015 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship.

The Grey Street Bridge opening over the Brisbane River was a grand event on 30 March 1932, eleven days after the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and nearly eight years before the Story Bridge (Moy 2015) 1. The rivalry between the two cities was well underway and Brisbane was immensely proud of its new Bridge. The Brisbane Courier described the Harbour Bridge opening as having "acclamation of the whole of Australia, but if that were in Brisbane it would be a monstrosity. The Grey Street Bridge was a bridge of classical design over the most beautiful river in the Commonwealth."

The Bridge was called the Grey Street Bridge from its opening  till 5 July 1955 when it was renamed after William Jolly, the first Lord Mayor of the Greater Brisbane City Council, 1925 – 1931. He was Mayor during the time the Bridge was built and died in 1955.