Grass Dukes and Shepherd Kings

Decline of the Squattocracy

For anyone interested in the history of the Darling Downs, a visit to the district today is a poignant pilgrimage. Of the houses and homesteads which once offered so much comfort and hospitality only a few have survived. Some burned down long ago. Others were abandoned and left to slowly disintegrate.

The State Library of Queensland has been adding images of the squatter’s homesteads from the Collection onto Historypin. Historypin is an online, user-generated archive of historical photos and personal recollections. Users are able to use the location and date of an image to "pin" it to the map.

More images from the collection will be added to Historypin during the exhibition, and users will be able to see how the Darling Downs have changed since the times of the squattocracy.

Contribute by uploading your own images of the Darling Downs to Historypin, or add your story of the area as a comment on the images already online.