Art of the Skins

Awakening South East Queensland historical traditions through contemporary art, Art of the Skins revitalised the practice of possum skin cloak making.

26 June – 20 November 2016
SLQ Gallery | kuril dhagun | Digital Stories | Learning Notes

Be inspired by how knowledge is gained and passed on through six richly decorated cloaks, collaboratively designed by Aboriginal community members.

In a trail that weaved from SLQ Gallery to kuril dhagun, explore historical and contemporary artefacts, accounts and images; hear oral histories from Elders, artists and academics; and be immersed in a vivid installation of contemporary representations of Country.

Paying homage to those who’ve come before us, Art of the Skins embodied the continuous, ever-growing and adapting nature of Australia’s first cultures.

Possum skins used in this project were legally and  ethically sourced from New Zealand.