Your information

Why do we collect your personal information?

State Library of Queensland collects your personal information to enable access to our collections and services. The confidentiality, privacy and security of your personal information is important to us.

  • We will manage your information carefully to ensure you can access our collections, services and facilities.
  • We will only collect information that we need to deliver our services to you.
  • We will keep your information secure, confidential and private.
  • We will never sell or trade your personal details, nor will we ever indiscriminately send you irrelevant or unsolicited communication.
  • We will make it easier for you to access our services.
  • To do this we may need to securely share your information with SLQ and with our external suppliers, some based outside Australia.
  • You can access the information we hold about you.
  • SLQ will always comply with Queensland privacy legislation (Information Privacy Act 2009).

What information do we collect?

Your name:

  • used to identify your member account
  • used in library contact with you (e.g. email)

Your address:

  • used to verify that you are eligible for services only offered to Queensland residents, such as access to eresources governed by licence agreements from publishers
  • postcode data is used for statistical analysis to determine the regional reach of SLQ membership


  • used to contact you when your membership is expiring
  • used to contact you about items you have on loan or have requested


  • used to contact you about items you have on loan or have requested


  • Children aged 15 years and younger require written consent from a parent or guardian before they may access SLQ's onsite computing and lending services. We ask you to nominate your age group when you register to determine what level of access you are eligible for.

Loan History:

  • Used to gather collection usage data.

Where your data is stored:

  • To offer some of our services, we need to store SLQ membership and loan history data offshore and may share your information with companies based outside Australia. These suppliers are only allowed to use the data for contractually-agreed purposes and must handle data in a confidential and secure manner in accordance with Queensland privacy legislation (Information Privacy Act 2009).

One Search membership data is stored in Queensland.

See State Library of Queensland: information privacy and website security for information on your privacy and SLQ membership.

See Identity Management Principles for information on the use and management of your personal information.

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