Proof of identification

To join

Anyone can join online.

Queensland residents:

  • We require a valid Queensland residential address to meet the terms & conditions of our eresources licence agreements. Please ensure your address details are entered correctly when you complete the registration form as we will send you written confirmation in the mail.
  • Your account may be deactivated without notice if an invalid (eg. non-residential) or incomplete address is provided.

To borrow

To borrow you must be a Queensland resident, have SLQ membership and reside in Queensland for a minimum of 3 months.

To upgrade your membership to include borrowing privileges, visit us and present:

  • Queensland drivers licence with current address OR
  • Two (2) forms of identification, at least one of which must include your name and current Queensland residential address

Non-Queensland residents and Libraries can access our collections through the interlibrary loans service.

Members 15 years and younger

For members 15 years and younger, visit us and present a signed parent/guardian declaration along with a parent/guardian ID which includes parental/guardian name and residentail address (original or digital copy on a mobile device is acceptable).

This is required before applicants may borrow.

Suggested forms of ID (original or digital document on mobile device is acepted):

Queensland drivers licence or 2 of the following:

  • SLQ membership letter (letter received in mail from State Library upon registration)
  • Student ID (Queensland)
  • Electricity, gas or telephone account
  • Australian Taxation Office assessment (last or current year)
  • Australian Taxation Office tax file number confirmation (valid up to two years from date of issue)
  • Contract of purchase, current lease or rental document, mortgage or land ownership certificate
  • Queensland local government rates notice
  • Queensland vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle registration renewal notice for coming period
  • Statement from an educational institution's administrator with name of student and residential address
  • Bank statement
  • Statutory declaration

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