Membership terms and conditions

When you become an SLQ member, you agree to:

  • use eresources for private research and study purposes only
  • copy and attribute collection material as allowed by Copyright Act 1968 and Creative Commons licences
  • borrow and return collection items as outlined in our Borrowing Terms and Conditions
  • ensure your membership details remain up to date and to advise staff as soon as possible if you have lost your library card
  • use State Library's services, facilities and computers responsibly
  • ensure  tags added to SLQ sites are relevant to the post or record to which they are attached.
  • ensure tags, reviews and comments posted to SLQ's catalogue records, websites or blogs are appropriate and respect the needs and sensitivities of others.

State Library staff can provide support and advice on safe and effective use of the Internet.

Membership terms and conditions are supported by:

Responsible Conduct Policy

Identity Management principles

Public Access Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Policy

Library membership

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