To borrow at State Library you must be a Queensland resident and have SLQ membership.

What can I borrow?

You may borrow a range of items from the Information Collection. This collection is located in the Level 2 and 3 Reading Rooms and in storage. Items that may be available to borrow include:

  • books
  • government publications
  • pamphlets
  • music scores, performing sets
  • audio-visual items including cassettes, CDs, DVDs and videos
  • serials and magazines

What is not available to borrow?

Items in the following collections are not available to borrow.

  • all items in the John Oxley Library Reading Room
  • John Oxley Library and Australian Library of Art collections
  • LP records
  • Electronic media including CD-ROMs and computer discs
  • fragile items
  • newspapers
  • reference sources
  • items on display in exhibitions

Items not available to borrow can be accessed at State Library.

In some instances when an item is not available to borrow, a copy may be requested (subject to copyright restrictions) via our Document Supply or Image Order services. More information about our services and fees can be found at Copies and loans.

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