About APDL

APDL is a unique design hub - for lectures, exhibitions, research, studios, publications - and a trusted archive of historical and contemporary Queensland design and designers.

Design Stories:
An online space for industry, academia and the public to access, share and create new knowledge related to design in the Asia Pacific. Visit Design Online, APDL Blog, APDL Vimeo

Design Education:
A Design Thinking methodology (Design Minds) developed to be used within existing education and learning benchmarks and consists of the follow phases: Inquire, Ideation, Implementation and Reflection.

Inquire, ideate, implement

Design Events:
An inspiring program of world-class design-related events including: lecture series, workshops, exhibitions, design residencies and tours. Programs support community engagement through innovation, experimentation and play and create opportunities for equal access to library services through design.

Design Lounge
Located on Level 2 of State Library of Queensland, the Design Lounge contains the design collection and is a shared physical space for exhibitions, workshops, design reviews, meetings and research.

The collection is organised into five key categories: Public Places, Better Living, Communication, Design Thinking and Fashion.

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