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State Library provides access to thousands of ebooks through One Search, the library catalogue. These include ebooks from Proquest, EBL, free ebooks from the Hathi Trust and Project Gutenberg, and digitised books and 'virtual books' from our collections.

EBL and Ebrary

There are over 200 000 ebooks in these collections of ebooks. All subject areas are covered; the only exclusions are popular fiction and reference material such as handbooks and encyclopedias. To access you will need to login using your SLQ membership.

There are three ways to use EBL and ebrary ebooks:

  • Read online using the internet browser viewer. After 5 minutes you will be prompted to create a loan to continue using the title. At this point you can use the book via the interface for 7 days.
  • Download the title to a local viewer on your mobile device (for example a smart phone, ebook reader etc). for 7 days. You will need the following software to download an EBL ebook:
    • Adobe Reader
    • Adobe Digital Editions (or equivalent)
  • Print pages from an ebook. Proquest places limits on how much of an ebook you can print or copy. Printing is restricted to 20% of the total pages of the ebook, per user. Likewise, copying and pasting content is restricted to 5% of the total pages of the ebook, per user. The system keeps track of copying/printing and displays a message if the limit is reached.

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Digitised books

Hundreds of books from our collection have been digitised as part of our commitment to make Queensland's memory more accessible. These include the first novel set in Brisbane, The curse and its cure and Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait, by Margaret Lawrie.

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Virtual books

State Library has created a number of virtual books which let you 'turn the pages' of some of our digitised books. You can zoom in on a page to see more detail, view the transcript of a manuscript and listen to a recording of some virtual books.

Virtual books are designed to work best using Adobe Flash 6.0 or higher. If your computer does not have the flash plug-in installed you will need to download the free Adobe Flash player.

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