Unit histories for World War 1

Queensland battalions

Harvey. From Anzac to the Hindenburg Line : the history of the 9th Battalion, A.I.F.

Wrench. Campaigning with the fighting 9th : (in and out of the line with the 9bn A.I.F.) 1914-1919

Starr & Sweeney. Forward : the history of the 2nd/14th Light Horse (Queensland Mounted Infantry)

Starr.From the saddlebags at war

Chataway & Goldenstedt. History of the 15th Battalion Australian Imperial Forces : war 1914-1918

Doneley. Black over blue : the 25th Battalion, AIF at war 1915-1918

Browning.Fromelles to Nauroy : 31st Battalion AIF 1915-1919

The Forty first

Brahms. The spirit of the Forty Second : narrative of the 42nd Battalion, 11th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Division, Australian Imperial Forces, during the Great War, 1914-1918

Cranston. Always faithful : a history of the 49th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1916-1982

Other Australian battalions

The History of the First Battalion A.I.F. 1914-1919

Taylor & Cusack. Nulli secundus : a history of the Second Battalion, A.I.F., 1914-1919

Keown. Forward with the Fifth : the story of five years' war service, Fifth Inf. Battalion, A.I.F.

Kearney. Silent voices : the story of the 10th Battalion AIF in Australia, Egypt, Gallipoli, France and Belgium during the Great War 1914-1918

Newton. The story of the twelfth : a record of the 12th Battalion, A.I.F. during the Great War of 1914-1918

Wanliss. The history of the Fourteenth Battalion, A.I.F. : being the story of the vicissitudes of an Australian unit during the Great War

Longmore. The old sixteenth : being a record of the 16th Battalion, A.I.F., during the Great War, 1914-1918

Smith. The red and black diamond : the history of the 21st Battalion 1915-18

Gorman. 'With the Twenty-Second' : a history of the Twenty-Second Battalion, A.I.F. /

Mitchell. Suvla to the Somme : the wartime letters of Bert Webster, R.A.N. Bridging Train & 23rd Battalion, A.I.F.

Browning. The blue & white diamond : the history of the 28th Battalion 1915-1919

Edwards. Never a backward step : a history of the First 33rd Battalion, AIF

McNicol. The thirty-seventh : history of the thirty-seventh Battalion A.I.F.

Paterson. The Thirty-ninth : the history of the 39th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force

Green. The fortieth : a record of the 40th Battalion, A.I.F.

Colliver, Richardson, & Canna. The forty-third : the story and official history of the 43rd Battalion, A.I.F.

Lee. The chronicle of the 45th Battalion A.I.F.

Polanski. We were the 46th : the history of the 46th Battalion in the Great War of 1914-18

Browning. Leane's Battalion : the history of the 48th Battalion A.I.F. 1916-1919

Freeman. Hurcombe's hungry half hundred : a memorial history of the 50th Battalion A.I.F. 1916-1919

Hayes. 1914-18 war history of Nicholas Archibald Elphinstone, no. 2159 56th Battalion, 14 Brigade, 5th Division, 1st A.I.F

Kennedy. The whale oil guards

NOTE: The State Library holds more than the selection of regimental histories listed here.  Check the One Search online catalogue for additional histories.

Light Horse Units

Bourne & Chauvel. History of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment Australian Imperial Force August 1914 - April 1919

Smith. The Third Australian Light Horse Regiment, 1914-1918 : a short history and listing of those who served

Nutting. History of the Fourth Light Horse Brigade, Australian Imperial Forces, War 1914-1918 and Egyptian Rebellion 1919

Wetherell. History of the Fifth Light Horse Regiment (Australian Imperial Force) from 1914 to October, 1917dby L. C. Wilson. and from October, 1917 to June 1919

Berrie. Under furred hats : 6th A. L. H. Regt.

Simpson. Maygar’s boys : a biographical history of the 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-19

Hammond. History of the 11th Light Horse Regiment, Fourth Light Horse Brigade, Australian Imperial Forces : War 1914-1919 /

Hollis. Thunder of the hooves : a history of 12 Light Horse Regiment 1915-1919

ANZAC Light Horse & NZ Mounted Rifles in pictures, 1914-1919. Volume 1 : a photographic volume compiled from original unit histories of selected Australian Light Horse regiments and New Zealand Mounted Rifles

See also Queensland battalions

Medical Units

Butler. The Australian army medical services in the war of 1914-1918

Tyquin. Gallipoli : the medical war : the Australian Army medical services in the Dardanelles campaign of 1915

Austin & Austin. The body snatchers : the history of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance, 1914-1918

Reid. Just wanted to be there : Australian Service nurses, 1899-1999

Rae. Scarlet poppies : the army experience of Australian nurses during World War One

Barker. Nightingales in the mud : the Digger sisters of the Great War, 1914-1918

Air Force

Eather. Flying squadrons of the Australian Defence Force

Bennett. Highest traditions : the history of No. 2 Squadron RAAF

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