Tools and resources

The tools and resources developed by State Library are provided to support, guide and assist everyone interested in preserving Queensland’s unique heritage.  
Heritage groups and organisations are invited to access these resources and distribute to local networks.

Digitisation - Everything you need to know?

State Library digitises heritage collection material for many reasons. The most important reason is to make Queensland's memory accessible. The SLQ Digitisation Toolkit provides valuable information about digitising collections in order to support access, use, reuse, engagement, discoverability and the creation of knowledge. Organisations and individuals are welcome to use this resource.
For more information on digitisation and copyright, a short film explores several points to consider.

Indigenous language resources

Indigenous languages represent a very important part of the heritage of Queensland and Australia. Access the resources and information guides about Queensland’s indigenous languages and more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
It is now possible to create and share Indigenous language content with others, using new media tools that are often free or inexpensive. The toolkit aims to provide community members, language workers and others with useful tips, resources and information to incorporate New Media into community language revival processes and activities.

Publishers, authors and writers

Publishers can access an array of resources and support information about Queensland published works and websites. These resources include information about legal deposit and publisher obligations, the role of Queensland authors and SLQ, copyright and SLQ’s Community Heritage Digitisation offer.

Preserving your personal treasures

Did you know SLQ has created a series of information guides to support the preservation and conservation of personal documents, photographs and digital files. These include helpful advice on preventative conservation, pest management, monitoring environmental conditions, appropriate enclosures, storage and treatment, digitisation and reformatting options and advice and frequently asked questions.

Family history

SLQ’s family history resources are freely available online, linking to specific aspects of Queensland history and documentation. You are welcome to access the extensive resources linked to all areas of early Queensland records.

Understanding Creative Commons

SLQ supports open access to information and ideas, and provides access to high resolution copies of out of copyright digital content from our collections. If you are interested in learning how you can provide open access to content, watch the presentation Understanding Creative Commons and how parts of the GLAM sector are sharing access to content.


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