Writing a Digitisation Plan

Write a Digitisation Plan for your Queensland heritage collections

Digitisation is a powerful tool that enables your organisation to place digital surrogates (copies) of your Queensland heritage materials online. By writing an annual Digitisation Plan, you will bring structure to your digitisation goals and provide everyone in your organisation with a road map that aligns with your mission statement and strategic plan.

Why write a Digitisation Plan?

  • Recognise significant and unique materials
  • Increase community discoverability about your collections
  • Provide access to hidden treasures
  • Align with your organisational strategic plan
  • Utilise funding opportunities – most grant applications will ask for a plan
  • Preserve fragile or about to become obsolete materials
  • Show your collections in exhibitions and programs
  • Support community initiatives
  • May be aspirational first year, with more specific plans for following years
  • Provide a way to share, engage and participate in the distributed collection of Queensland’s memory
  • Utilise a strong tool for community engagement

Here is a basic outline for an Annual Digitisation Plan to help you get started:

  • Introduction:
    Identify your audience (are you writing this to your Board?)
    Describe why you want to digitise
    Describe how digitisation aligns with your strategic plan or mission statement
    What have you digitised so far?
    What do you plan to digitise this year?
  • Scope:
    What is the overarching theme for your Queensland heritage materials?
    What are your themed priorities for your Digitisation Plan?
    Outline your selection criteria for digitisation
    Note what is in the scope and what is out of scope for the next 12 months
    Note risks or any issues
    Curate heavily here, note that your material is not digitised elsewhere and that you have copyright permission
  • How:
    How will you digitise?
    (Use SLQ capture standards as a guide)
    What processes/people will be included?
    How much do you plan to digitise? Note format and numbers (keep it reasonable)
    How will you pay for digitisation? What is your budget?
    How will you store your digital files?
  • Equipment or Resources:
    Spell out what you have, what you need to accomplish the plan
    Note your storage system and backup systems
    Note staff and equipment
    Note training needs and timeframes for startup
  • Engagement:
    Once digitised, how you will you make the content accessible?
    How will you place the content online?
    How will you use the content to engage with your community?
    How will you connect to other Queensland heritage collections / groups?
  • Sharing the Annual Digitisation Plan:
    Share the draft with all of your internal stakeholders
    Ensure that the plan is reasonable and do-able
    Ask for input before you finalise
    Submit plan to your governing body
    Share approved plan with everyone in your organisation
  • Evaluate:
    How will you evaluate the digitisation plan at the end of the year?
    How will you measure success?
    Use Google analytics to capture very important statistics
    Use social media platforms that provide statistical information and share this information with your stakeholders
    Note use of digitised content for engagement in programs, exhibitions and so on in your end-of-year report.

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