Digitisation Toolkit

At State Library of Queensland, we digitise heritage collection materials for many reasons at SLQ, the most important of which is to make Queensland's heritage accessible. The value of the collections is in the use and reuse of the material. Providing a digital surrogate (copy) makes access possible and supports use, reuse, engagement, discoverability and the creation of knowledge.

The SLQ Digitisation Toolkit shares information about how to digitise Queensland's heritage collections for access, use and reuse from anywhere and at any time via the internet. We digitise using capture standards that have been developed at State Library and are supported by best practices from the world's leading cultural institutions for access and preservation. Watch the video on copyright and digitisation

The toolkit provides basic information about how to get started, how to plan, how to employ best practices, standards and equipment, and how to ensure long-term access so that all can enjoy Queensland's unique heritage for many years to come. Digitisation makes it possible to share all of Queensland's connected collections.

The Digitisation Toolkit information guides include the following:

Additional resources:

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