Queensland's connected collections

A vast amount of Queensland's cultural heritage, knowledge and documented history is held in public libraries, Indigenous Knowledge Centres, historical societies, community museums, regional galleries, schools, universities, community spaces, private collections and businesses across Queensland.

Each contributes to the preservation of Queensland's heritage and Queensland memory.

How does SLQ support the connected collection?

State Library of Queensland contributes to the preservation of Queensland's memory. Through programs, events and resources, State Library advocates for greater access and discoverability, increased awareness and renewed engagement with Queensland's distinctive heritage and cultural knowledge.

Valuing Queensland content

The STACK framework describes five of the essential elements that will help preserve the state's cultural heritage.
Memory organisations across Queensland are encouraged to use the STACK framework with their local community and in partnership with others to increase greater understanding and engagement with Queensland's heritage regardless of where it is.

STACK from Blue Peter on Vimeo.

Digitisation - all you need to know

We digitise heritage collection materials for many reasons at SLQ. The most important reason is to make Queensland's memory accessible. Organisations and individuals can contribute to this discoverability and help preserve Queensland memory.

The SLQ Digitisation Toolkit provides valuable information about how to digitise in order to support access, use, reuse, engagement, discoverability and the creation of knowledge.

Digitised Queensland newspapers and Trove

Trove offers full text access to a selection of out-of-copyright, digitised Australian newspapers (1803 – 1954). These titles can be searched by title, year, category or keyword.

Read more about National Library’s contributor model and the new titles list which is updated regularly. More than ninety Queensland newspaper titles are now digitised.
Discover more about SLQ’s newspaper resources, how to access them and Queensland’s missing newspapers.

Preserving physical collections

The conservation team at SLQ ensures the long term preservation of the State Library's heritage collections including books, ephemera, art works, documents, films, audio collections and photographs.

You are welcome to access the information guides on how to manage and preserve the objects and materials in your collection.

Preserving digital treasures

Digital files are just as important, especially as society moves forward with newer technologies to store photographs and correspondence. Preserving your digital treasures was made by SLQ and funded by National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA). It outlines best practice for archiving personal digital collections safely and for the future.

Join the network and contribute

Queensland memory enewsletter

The enews is a bi-monthly online resource developed to share information on collections and activities from across Queensland. Contributions by museums, galleries, family history associations, archives and libraries are published and distributed to the sector.
They are loaded with interesting facts about Queensland's diverse community organisations, historical societies, museums, libraries and galleries sharing their Queensland knowledge and content.

Subscribe to the enewsletter to keep up to date with the latest news or contribute an article about your local organisation, collection and links to community events and activities.

Past editions are available through One Search. This year’s enews publications may be forwarded to your networks via email.


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