Queensland authors

It is a goal of the John Oxley Library to collect the complete oeuvre of Queensland authors, including all domestic and foreign editions.

A Queensland author is currently defined as:

Someone who was born, died or resided in Queensland and who has published a piece of imaginative writing under their own name or a nom de plume. (This definition includes self-published authors who have used a commercial outlet to distribute their work to the public, for example: vendors, bookshops, online distributors.)

"Imaginative writings" include:

  • Prose (novels; short stories; etc.)
  • Poetry
  • Stage plays
  • Screen plays
  • Song lyrics

We also collect:

  • Books about Queensland authors
  • Biographical and autobiographical works about Queensland authors
  • Adaptations of or by Queensland authors
  • Criticisms of Queensland authors works
  • Compilations or anthologies that include Queensland authors
  • Works that are edited by Queensland authors
  • Foreign language books by Queensland authors
  • Out-of-print materials produced by Queensland authors
  • Imaginative works with significant Queensland content (eg set in Queensland)

Collecting works by Queensland authors became a legislative responsibility in 1997 with amendments to Section 20 (1) (g) of the Libraries Act 1988 (Qld) requiring the Library Board of Queensland to "collect, arrange, preserve and provide access to a comprehensive collection of library, archival and other resources relating to Queensland, or produced by Queensland authors."

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