Legal deposit - Deposit wizard

The deposit wizard lets publishers, individuals and organisations deposit digital content across the Internet to the State Library of Queensland, assisting us to collect and preserve Queensland’s digital heritage.

Deposit your digital files to the State Library of Queensland

The Wizard is easy to use with no registrations and logins required. The step by step process lets you deposit:

  • new e-serial titles, such as newsletters, magazines and journals
  • ongoing serial issues (using a simplified form)
  • e-books, reports and other one-off publications

Legal deposit

If you publish in Queensland, then legal deposit applies to you.  This means that you are required by law to give a copy of your publication to the State Library of Queensland.

If you live in Queensland and have published in another state, overseas or with online publishers based outside Queensland, then the legal deposit obligation does not apply to your publication.

A publisher can be an individual, a club, church, incorporated society or organisation as well as a commercial publisher.

Electronic publications and recordings are included in legal deposit.

More about legal deposit

Collection policy

Please note that, with the exception of legal deposit, not all donations are accepted.  Our priority collecting areas are publications with significant Queensland content and Queensland Literature which includes imaginative writings by Queensland authors and imaginative writing that is either about Queensland or set in Queensland.

Access the web deposit tool

Get help using the web deposit tool

Help is provided within the wizard at each step.

Before using the wizard for the first time, you should read the following guides -

Deposit returns

It is State Library standard practice not to return items deposited via the web. We recommend you do not delete items from your own system until receiving confirmation from us that your material has been accepted into the State Library's collections.

Alternatives to the web deposit tool

The tool accepts files of all sizes, but please keep in mind that files over 10MB may take a very long time to upload over the Internet, depending on your Internet connection.

If you have a large file or a large number of files to deposit there are other ways that you may wish to provide them to us.

Where the size of the file for an e-book, report or other one-off publication exceeds 25MB, the following options are available -

For all of the above options, the completed eBook submission form  (DOC 165.5 KB) must be included to supply the required descriptive information as well as the access information for the relevant file sharing service.

Please contact us to discuss alternative options.

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