Community Heritage Digitisation Offer

Contribute your publication to Queensland's digital heritage...

  • Have you published a book relating to Queensland’s community history or culture?
  • Would you like your publication to reach a wider audience?
  • Do you hold the copyright?

If your answer to these questions is yes , SLQs Community Heritage Digitisation Offer may be of interest.

We are looking to digitise published histories or studies with a strong Queensland connection.

What sort of publications are we seeking?

Essentially the Community Heritage Digitisation Offer is about building the documentary heritage of Queensland. In this context, we are interested in publications which relate substantially to the history of our state - and to its cultural, social, economic, political or scientific development.

The focus of this offer is on those publications which are likely to be of interest to the wider community.

Some examples of suitable topics or subject areas are histories of studies of:

    Automated scanner at State Library of Queensland. Staff photograph. Photograph by Grant Collins
  • a locality or suburb
  • an environmental or cultural landmark
  • a school
  • a church
  • a significant building or landscape (e.g. bridge, park)
  • ethnic contribution and experience
  • a community event or celebration
  • a Queensland based organisation
  • an established community group
  • natural history/ ecology of a specific locality
  • local walking trails

The range of interest is not limited to histories - for example an ecological study of a river catchment or other area of environmental interest would be an ideal candidate for digitisation.

Two publication categories are outside the range of material which can be considered for this particular initiative: family histories and works of fiction. Both are collected by the John Oxley Library but are not being targeted for the Community Heritage Digitisation Offer.

Read the Community Heritage Digitisation Offer FAQs to find out more.

Still interested? Nominate your book(s) via the EOI form.

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