How to make a four-flap enclosure

Download How to make a four-flap enclosure  (PDF 305.7 KB)

This simple storage enclosure is suitable for storing small books, negatives, and prints in good condition. It offers good, light support and is ideal for packing into other larger archival boxes.


4 flap enclosure



  • Unbuffered, acid-free (pH neutral), paper or light board (i.e. 100% cotton fibre paper such as alpha cellulose paper or good quality unsized artist “rag” paper). Ideally, material used should have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) (ISO 18916).
  • For added protection and rigidity, sandwich negatives, prints, or fragile items between two pieces of photographic mount board (pH neutral, 100% cotton fibre). This is particularly important for photographic processes on glass and ceramic but is recommended for all material.
  • Bone folder for creasing, Stanley knife, steel ruler, and cutting mat.

4 flap table

4 flap diagram

The procedures described have been used by State Library of Queensland in the care of its collections and are considered suitable by State Library as described; however, State Library will not be responsible for damage to your collections should damage result from the use of these procedures.

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